Is rewiring the nonprofit brain an expertise that belongs to neuroscientists?



Strategic planners?


It belongs to creative people.

We’re the ones who know how to stimulate nonprofit brains so they can powerfully deliver upon the promise of creating a better world. Bold creativity is now imperative to raise money, advocate and build participation and membership.  Today, your success engaging funders, foundations, corporations, board members, staff , volunteers and consumers is a direct result of the BIG IDEAS  you’ll learn to create.

Seizetheconversation Transformational Seminars turn an organization into a pulsing, creative, active brain center.  Now, watch the video. You’ll see when we connect the wiring, how the lights go on.



No notebooks. No binders. Just powerful engagement.

How do we cut through the noise of all other seminars?

How is it that all our seminars, facilitations and retreats are fresh, unexpected, pulsing, engaging, never alike—and producing such impressive results? We were an ad agency creative team who won awards for our work on Apple, Coca-Cola and Toyota. We inject this creative culture into the seminars and lead as Creative Directors. We bring in design thinking, new-world knowledge, intellectual thought, problem solving and leadership challenges.  We assemble seminar participants into creative teams, inspiring and teaching them to create big ideas and how to implement them, changing their organizations and the world.

We blend this creative trajectory with years of strategic experience in the nonprofit sector. Our seminar content is rooted in marketing and communications, but only as a catalyst to open up critical thinking paths into everything nonprofit.



An evening with William Morris Endeavor Corporate Philanthropy.

On the evening of October 22, 2014, Hollywood mega agency William Morris Endeavor hosted its Philanthropy Series inviting Seize the Conversation to facilitate. In attendance were celeb philanthropies, nonprofits supported by WME, foundations and businesses with clientele in the nonprofit sector. Thank you to WME for the opportunity and for proving what corporate responsibility can make happen.

There were just a few slides from the evening, which can be found in this document.
Download Seize the Conversation Creativity Presentation PDF.


Our Services

You can't transform a nonprofit organization if you don't stimulate and transform the nonprofit brain.




Motivate and inspire the human soul to dream, imagine and act big.

Seize the Conversation.

In this hyper-sped-up-technologically-driven-global-society-where-communications-is-now-King—who owns the conversation, wins. The owners of the conversation win among funders. Staff. Boards. Volunteers. Leaders in business and society. Policy makers. Media. This is the spirit that drives the Re-wiring the Nonprofit Brain. A Transformational Seminar Series. Seizetheconversation dives into the content of the conversations you should own. It frames them. It identifies your marketplaces’ influencers and their networks. It injects a CREATIVE CULTURE to build BIG IDEAS that spread those conversations, powerfully engaging people towards what you want and need to accomplish.




The Team

Re-wiring brains. With creative passion.

Gary Wexler

Creative-Driven Facilitator

Moira Schwartz

Design Thinker



What else they say about us.

Client Testimonials

Angelica Berrie | President | Russell Berrie Foundation
“We are investors in change agents. Gary does not just take on clients.  He is not afraid to force you to look at things in a new way so insights gained result in an authentic process which make it possible for change to happen.”
Sanford Cardin | President | Lynn and Charles Schusterman Philathropic Network
“Gary has one of the most inventive, creative minds in the philanthropic world. He doesn’t think outside the box; he thrives upon looking at situations in entirely new ways, and can express new concepts with simplicity and elegance.”

Mary E. Hewitt | Director of Alliances at Boys and Girls Clubs of America
“Gary Wexler and Moira Schwartz have proven to be an invaluable asset to the Alliance through their seminar training of 27 Boys and Girls Clubs. Gary is a natural leader and highly gifted in developing strong nonprofit strategies for optimal success. Gary also has a keen sense of developing business and corporate partnerships that create strategic and profitable outcomes. We are working to get the next Seize the Conversation seminar series underway.”

Nancy Wolff | Executive Director | Kolodny Law Group
“Moira is a creative genius. She has always had a unique way of understanding the message we wanted to deliver and she quickly and efficiently provided  branding and marketing concepts that have earned us critical acclaim. Her artistic eye coupled with her keen sense of communication have made her an asset and a pleasure to work with.”

Richie L. Geisel | President and CEO | Bienvenidos Children's Center
“Gary Wexler and Moira Schwartz’s seminar and training resonated so well with Bienvenidos because we need a revolution in terms of changing society’s values. This is why we are planning to bring them back to help guide us in implementing our Vision 2020, a civic engagement initiative which we began a couple years ago in an effort to bring key stakeholders together to address the underlying cuases of poverty in East Los Angeles.”

Victor Caceres| Executive Director | Boys and Girls Club Pomona
“As a nonprofit exec of the last 25 years, being a student in the Seize the Conversation seminar series has transformed my thinking. Now, I understand the concept of the BIG IDEA. Gary Wexler and Moira Schwartz showed us that BIG IDEAS can change the world and how to create them.”

Ted Sokolsky | President | UJA-Federation of Toronto
“Gary was the primary consultant on our ambitious $400 million Capital Campaign. Jewish Toronto Tomorrow. I have worked with Gary for over 15 years and his strategic and creative thinking is the best in the nonprofit as far as I am concerned.”

Sharon Rich | CEO | Think Business Growth
“Moira Schwartz and I were business partners for over 20 years. Sorry, everyone else. Moira was the best creative thinker that I ever worked with. Not only was her thinking strategically driven, the final product was always impactful, targeted and (when appropriate) gorgeous! Moira was a pleasure to work with, clients loved her. No wonder all of us copy-types fought over her time!”

Jeremy Otto | Chief, Digital Strategy | UJA-Federation of Greater Toronto
“Gary is a big idea aficianado, design thinker and change maker. Gary’s intuitive understanding of both business and philanthropy coupled with effective communication style has opened new doors for us to pilot innovative fundraising and community engagement programs.”

Lisa Morrison | Sr. VP Top Gifts |UJA-Federation of Greater Toronto
“Gary Wexler is a phenonenon. His warm, positive, proactive nature immediately disarms skeptics and helps everyone break out of traditional molds. He builds an internal “virtual” team around the issues at hand, empowers the players and gently, but forcefully facilitates a process that is inclusive, dynamic and quite exciting.”

Maria Mendez Wiest | Chief Administrative Officer | United Way of Los Angeles
“Thanks to Gary Wexler and his USC/Annenberg Masters students, we’ve transformed our Home Walk into a vivid experience for thousands of people. The students used the creative process they learned from Gary to “poke and prod” our thinking towards innovative solutions to help the walkers experience the event in a different way.”

Eitan Webb | Chaplain of the Office of Religious LIfe, Princeton University | Secretary of Chabad on Campus International Foundation

Director, The Scharf Family Chabad House at Princeton University

“Gary Wexler is a visionary. Period. Gary has succeeded in transforming the mindset of an entire network and has changed the outlook of our team. Gary has patience and stamina,  the skill of a teacher, knowing when to speak when to listen, when to push forward and when to hold back. Imagine this scenario: Twenty-five rabbis with long beards seated around a table and one Gary Wexler standing in front of them. Not only was he not intimidated by this visual, it seemed to me that he relished the challenge.”

Martin Castro | President and CEO | Mexican American Opportunities Foundation (MAOF)
“Three USC/Annenberg graduate students under Gary’s direction, rose to a difficult challenge and developed a plan that has literally transformed the way we do business with our stakeholders. I actually hired one of them to be our full-time Marketing and Communications specialists because of the skills she learned from Gary.”

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